Who we are and what we do

horsescotland is the national organisation for all equestrian sports and activity in Scotland. The vision that we share with our members is:

To enable those in our sport and sector, by supporting their development,

 to excel in what they do best…

The key outcomes for Scottish equestrianism are to:

  • Increase the overall levels of participation and equestrian activity in Scotland
  • Enable Scottish riders, drivers, vaulters and equines to excel on the world stage
  • Support horsescotland member bodies to flourish by working collaboratively


horsescotland is a partner of sportscotland (the national sports agency) and seeks to enable equestrian sport and the equestrian sector in Scotland to develop and excel through the highest levels of participation in the sport and the highest levels of growth for the country's equestrian industry.

horsescotland represents Scotland's 23 member organisations and a growing number of individual and club members, providing high quality support, funding, training and coaching for all those with an interest in the horse.

Our Achievements

horsescotland was formed in 1998 and has achieved the following:

  • The establishment of a network of club competition coaches, enabling growth of participation and sporting success
  • The development of the UK Coaching Certificate, providing our coaches with a nationally-recognised qualification
  • Secured sportscotland funding of £943,000 for 2008-2011, plus capital funding of £450,000 for the construction of the Scottish National Equestrian Centre at Oatridge, Ecclesmachan, West Lothian
  • Riding excellence through our athlete development programmes
  • Raisied the standards for the provision of quality facilities and services, including health and safety, for riders, coaches, volunteers and many of those involved in the development of equestrian activity


Some Facts:

  • The equestrian sports industry contributes £228 million each year to the Scottish economy (not including the horse racing industry)
  • Approximately 200,000 people ride, drive or vault on horses in Scotland every week
  • Scottish riders have represented the UK at all levels from junior to senior, and been part of gold medal winning teams at Olympic, World and European level on five occasions in the last 3 years
  • There are some 500 Scottish riding clubs and schools
  • More than 27,500 Scots are members of equestrian organisations
  • Around 3,500 people participate in equestrian competitions each week
  • There are some 100,000 horses in Scotland


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