Graham Babes Spring Blog

Graham Babes Spring Blog

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Just thought I would give you an update from the shows I have been doing of late. I took some horses to the Costa Del Sol Tour in Mijas for 3 weeks where we then went onto Cagnes Sur Mer for 2 weeks in the French Riviera & then we came home & went to a fantastic spring show at Muirmill.

Results are as following:


  • MA FLEUR JS: had 4 wins, a 2nd place, a 5th place & a 6th place in the 5 year old classes
  • GLENCOE: two wins & three 2nd placings in the 6 year old classes
  • CALVADE VD PIKKERIE Z: two 2nd's, one 5th place & an 8th place
  • BOUCHERON: One 3rd, two 4th's in 2* 1.40's & a 7th placing which was a 3* World Ranking Class

Cagnes Sur Mer

  • MA FLEUR JS: 2 wins in the 5 year old classes
  • GLENCOE: One 1st place & one 3rd placing in the 6 year old classes
  • CALVADE VD PIKKERIE Z: One 2nd, two 3rds, one 4th & one 5th placing in the 2* 1.35m classes
  • BOUCHERON: 2nd in the 2* Under 25 Final

Muirmill Spring Show

  • MA FLEUR JS: 5 year old Final winner
  • GLENCOE: 6 year old final winner
  • CALVADE VD PIKKERIE Z: 2nd place in Grand Prix
  • BOUCHERON: Winner of Young Masters RHS Qualifier & winner of Grand Prix

We couldn't be happier with the results of our young horses & experienced horses. They have a well deserved week off this week then we have some Royal Highland Show qualifiers lined up & then hoping to do a few more European shows throughout the summer season.

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