Matilda Haley May Blog

Matilda Haley May Blog

May has been very busy, but unfortunately, for what is possibly the first time ever, not on the horsey front! This month involved a bit of dreaming of horses (and maybe a little Netflix!) whereas in reality, revising.

This year I was lucky that only two of my exams were on consecutive days but this meant that they took longer to finish, so not as much time with Gari as I had hoped.

Thankfully, seven subjects, so fourteen papers, later, I had been released from the invisible prison of textbooks, essays and facts. I will hopefully be starting my Highers next week but unfortunately have to wait until August to see if I have achieved my desired grades at National 5 level.

Gari provided an escape to all of this but now we are trying to get him ready for competition season, at the moment that consists of roadwork and hope.

The short break from riding allowed me to work on my own fitness for a while. This included cycling to school during study leave (a 20 mile round trip, and a hilly one at that!) and running, which is a good thing as I had always disliked it but am slowly coming to accept it!

We hope to get Gari back into training advanced medium soon so that we can establish his flying changes and compete our new floorplan to amazing music as designed by the legendary Tom Hunt.