Joint Press Release Issued by horsescotland and The British Horse Society

 Representatives from horsescotland and The British Horse Society (BHS) met in Edinburgh on Thursday March 3, 2011 to discuss how they might better work together in the interests of all equestrians in Scotland.  The focus of their discussions was the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC), where a difference of view had affected the delivery by the BHS of short-format courses for candidates who already hold BHS instructor qualifications.  The two organisations noted that work currently in progress to update these courses appeared to be bringing them into line with criteria set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).  Resulting harmonisation in the delivery of UKCC courses will enable candidates taking the BHS short-format courses to access bursaries made available by the Scottish Government through horsescotland. The meeting also explored issues relating to membership, funding and associated activities.  Dr Tim Watson, Chairman of horsescotland, outlined his organisation’s role as a Governing Body together with the Board’s vision and aspirations for the future.  Commitment to benefit its member bodies without unnecessary duplication of functions was applauded by Graham Cory, Chief Executive of BHS.  “With both parties firmly intent on looking forward to the opportunities which lie ahead, the way is now wide open for much closer co-operation and increased mutual support between the two organisations”, he said. The meeting was heralded as a major step forward by Billy Bell, Chief Operating Officer of horsescotland, who will be working with Margaret Linington-Payne (BHS Director of Standards) on the UKCC.  His views were echoed by Loraine Young, Chairman of BHS Scotland, who said “We have successfully resolved areas of difference, as well as clearing up misconceptions.  With these firmly consigned to the past, we intend now to work together in a spirit of partnership for the benefit of all those involved in Scottish equestrianism.”   Further information can be obtained from Tim Watson (07773 282881,, Loraine Young (01307 830230) or Graham Cory (02476 840512). Notes1.      horsescotland is the governing body for equestrian sports in Scotland and the umbrella organisation for related industry and activity.  It is committed to leading, guiding and enabling the Scottish equestrian sector to achieve higher levels of participation, development and excellence.  horsescotland has 17 full member bodies, 9 associate members and 17 club members.  See for further information.2.      BHS Scotland is Scotland's largest equine membership organisation with over 5000 members and rising. It works throughout Scotland in the areas of access, welfare, safety, training, competitions, education, exams, riding clubs and more.  See for further information.