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Charley Hamilton


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Charley Hamilton is a Showjumping Rider on the #horsescotland Performance Programme.

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DOB: 2002

Discipline: Showjumping

Occupation: Rider

Based in: Tillyoch Equestrian

How did you become involved within equestrianism and how has your career developed?

Born into it through my family - started through the pony club and did all activities but fell in love with showjumping.

Who is your sporting hero? Why?

Edwina Tops- Alexander because I love her style and natural ability.


Equestrian Ambition

I’d love to gain my British Flag, and it would make it even better if it was on a horse I produced myself up the ranks.

How will being part of the performance programme benefit you personally?

It would dedicate training personal to me and the horses to help us work towards and achieve our goals.


  • Qualified for the Talent Seekers at HOYS 2019

  • Went to Lampreshausen as an individual for the Junior Nations Cup show 2019

  • British Novice Final Champion 2021

  • North East Champion 2022

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