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Rachel Williamson


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Rachel Williamson is a Eventing Rider on the #horsescotland Performance Programme.

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DOB: 2002

Discipline: Eventing and showjumping

Occupation: Selling horses / schooling and training of clients young horses

Based in: Falkirk

How did you become involved within equestrianism and how has your career developed?

I was born into it and my career developed through competitions and self learning.

Who is your sporting hero? Why?

Michael Jung. Because he’s at top level of both disciplines.

Equestrian Ambition


How will being part of the performance programme benefit you personally? 

Hopefully broaden my knowledge in a lot of different ways.


  • Winning the 7yo intermediate class at Floors Castle 2023

  • Qualifying for four classes at the RHS including the Young Masters

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