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Sean Henderson


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Sean Henderson is a Eventing Rider on the #horsescotland Performance Programme.

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DOB: 1999

Discipline: Eventing

Occupation: Rider

Based in: East Ayrshire

How did you become involved within equestrianism and how has your career developed?

Horses run on both sides of my family and we run a yard. Up until I was 16 I never saw myself doing horses as a living. It wasn’t until I realised I didn’t want to do a inside job and the only way to reach the top of the sport (in my opinion) is to dedicate all my time to it.

Who is your sporting hero? Why?

 Like any eventer you have the to appreciate the greats like Mark Todd, Michael Jung, Tim Price. For me it’s taking a bit from all of them; Tim Price's natural feel, Michael Jung’s German efficiency, Mark Todd’s class and longevity. Even Harry Meade's attention to detail. Despite this my biggest hero would still be my mum who completed Badminton and
Burghley herself. I can only aspire to have even half as much of the same work ethic as her.

Equestrian Ambition

Establish a business that ensures we’ve always got young horses coming up in the sport. That will help establish a strong team for the top sport and hopefully compete in young horse championships.

How will being part of the performance programme benefit you personally? 

It will help me develop my knowledge and understanding of producing and improving my horses. As well as teach
me how I can improve myself as an athlete without with the horse. For example, nutrition and physical well being.


  • Won Kelsall Intermediate

  • 5th at Frickley in the 3*

  • 5th at Cornbury in the 3*

  • 2nd at Floors Castle in the intermediate

  • Numerous wins at national level

  • Represented Scotland at the U18 Championships in
    the 2*.

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