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Emma Crawford



Emma Crawford is a Showjumping Rider on the #horsescotland Performance Programme.

Emma Crawford & Stars Surprise - Morris EC (CREDIT Equiscot Photography).jpg

DOB: 2000

Discipline: Showjumping

Occupation: Rider

Based in: Ladybank, Fife

How did you become involved within equestrianism and how has your career developed?
Horses have always been a part of my family life. My mum and dad rode and dad has been a farrier for 40 years. I was lucky enough to have lots of ponies growing up and our facilities at home have grown as ponies and horses have been produced and sold. I was always competitive on ponies and now I have been on horses for 7 years. It has taken me a while to get to a high level as we bought horses at a young age and they are only now getting to the peak of their careers.

Who is your sporting hero? Why?
Scott Brash. For all for the obvious reasons of course. But more than that it is because seeing someone local and self-made, take the opportunities that presented themselves to him and become one of the best riders of all time gives me so much hope.

Equestrian Ambition
I want to step up to 1.50m level this year. I am aiming at 3* GP’s by the end of 2023.

Long term: Olympics.

How has being part of the performance programme benefitted you?
There are so many benefits to being on this programme. I have now been part of it for 5 years and my confidence in my riding has come on so much. The training both of the flat and jumping has been invaluable for helping me progress from ponies to horses. It really is true that the more expertise you are exposed to the better. As riders, we are no strangers to injuries and tweaks, so the physical support has also been brilliant. I really look forward to continuing this year with the support of everyone at horsescotland.


  • 3rd London International Horse Show – Under 25 final 2022

  • ​3rd RHS - Young rider GP 2022

  • 6th London International Horse Show  – Under 25 final 2021

  • Scottish Ladies’ champion 2021 and 2022

  • Nations Cup team member - Bronze medal

  • Talent seeker finalist 2018

  • Scottish Adult Open Champion 2018

  • Hoys Foxhunter finalist 2017

  • HOYS finalist 10 years in a row

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