Dear Members,

Following the First Minister's announcement yesterday, where she outlined a number of tightening of restrictions, in response to the increased  spread of the COVID virus., Please find attached our update and approved Equestrian Guidance.

The major changes to our Equestrian guidance from the 11th September are that we  should now not exceed 200 people in any one day, at competitions, training and events including organisers, officials and participants.

The second change is that sadly the indicative date of 5th October 2020 has been delayed for the following activities

Indoor contact sport: Allowed to resume for adults and young people aged 12 and over, following relevant SGB guidance. (Currently only allowed for children under 12.)
Sports stadia: Allowed to re-open for limited numbers. Planned test events will go ahead and further test events may take place before 5 October.
Events: There will be further relaxation of restrictions on indoor and outdoor events, although this will not allow all events and particularly large events to take place.

Grant Turnbull 
horsescotland Chair

Updated Equestrian Phase 3 Approved Guidance 22/09/2020


Following the First Minister's briefing of yesterday, I am delighted that we have been able to have our updated Equestrian Guidance approved by Scottish Government, via sportscotland.


Whilst other sectors within the country have had their freedom curtailed to varying degrees, sport has been given dispensation entirely due to the route that has been taken so far.  This dispensation by Scottish Government is in recognition of the way in which the sporting sector, including equestrian activity, has conducted itself throughout the pandemic.  As a community, we must continue to adhere not only to our equestrian specific guidance but also to the general guidance to the public. I urge everyone to enjoy all equestrian activity safely and to be mindful of the overarching Government guidance to ensure that we see full resumption of all sporting activity at the earliest possible opportunity.

It is vital that we recognise that we have a responsibility to keep everyone safe and work to reduce the spread of Coronavirus to avoid further lockdowns and restrictions being put in place. With the recent figures increasing it demonstrates the virus has not gone away and we all have our part to play in suppressing the spread, therefore we encourage all partners to promote the Protect Scotland App, more info on the App can be found here  


Grant Turnbull

horsescotland Chair

APPROVED Final Equestrian Guidance at 11th September2020 


Dear Members,


Following on from the announcement about the opening of Indoor Sporting Facilities on 31st August 2020, we now have, had our Equestrian guidance approved for indoor competitions to resume.


Please find attached our approved Equestrian guidance 4th September 2020



Final Equestrian Phase 3 Approved Guidance


Dear Members


We would like to remind the sector that the Scottish Government confirmed that indoors spaces can open from the 31st August 2020. 


It's important that all guidance should be read in conjunction with our Approved Sport specific Phase Three guidance for risks assessments, physical distancing, hygiene measures etc which can be found here


When opening indoor facilities please refer to the sportscotland guidance on getting facilities fit for sport which can be found here


Further info on opening facilities can be found via CIBSE (chartered institution of building service engineers) 


Finally a reminder that facilities should have a dedicated COVID Officer, an e-learning support for the role can be accessed here


Grant Turnbull

Chair horsescotland 

Updated Phase Three Guidance 


Following the announcement from the First Minister on the 20th August, where we welcomed further relaxation of guidance, we are delighted to share our Approved Equestrian Specific Guidance.  This has been fully endorsed by sportscotland late this afternoon. 


We advise that you read the guidance document in full, however the the main points we would like to highlight are: 


1.  Coaching can now take place in sessions of up to 30 people outdoors, multiple sessions can take place as long as the groups don't mix.


2.  Competition Bubbles have now increased to up to 30 people outdoors, although again these bubbles cannot mix.


3.  The use of indoor facilities can resume from the 31st August 2020 - further guidance with greater detail will follow. 


We have tried to make the Guidance document more user friendly by adding a Contents section, which helps take you to specific sections of the document but please ensure that you read the full document, especially if planning or organising an event, competition or training.  To preserve the integrity of our sport, we must continue to adhere to this Equestrian Specific Guidance.


Grant Turnbull

horsescotland Chair

Full Phase 3 Approved Equestrian Specific Guidance

Updated Phase Three Guidance 


Here you can find the Phase Three Guidance which now includes the competition guidance. As well as this you can also find the BHS report on Covered Arenas which was approved by the Scottish Government for use from the 29th June 2020.

Full Phase 3 Guidance including competition guide

BHS Report on Covered Arenas



An updated statement from horsescotland Chair, Grant Turnbull


Following my statement of earlier today, attached is the full Resumption Guidance for equestrian competition in Scotland, as approved by Scottish Government and sportscotland. We have worked continuously in the course of the day with our Member Bodies, discipline Chairs and Reps, officials, venues and organisers and we are all in agreement that this is a much needed, and most helpful, move forward.  All disciplines are now working hard to implement the Guidance to meet their individual competitive environments and I urge you, at all times, to work with, not against, what is being done.  No doubt, there will be challenges ahead across the sporting landscape to allow competition to resume in a practical manner, but public health and safety must always be to the fore.  Please support us, and others, by being part of a proactive Scottish equestrian community.


Thank You



Updated Coaching Guidance 30/07/20

Statement from Grant Turnbull, Chair of horsescotland 10/07/20

On the 9th July the First Minister announced the move to Phase Three of the roadmap, our guidance is attached. There are a couple of areas within the guidance that I would like to highlight.  


Firstly, it is encouraging that all coaches can now deliver unlimited sessions to under 18's, with each group size being a maximum of six participants. 


horsescotland continues to work with Scottish Government and sportscotland to push for a review on adult coaching. Please bear in mind that coaching is being considered by Government in a sport wide context and not specific to our sector. We continue to highlight that our coaches can work safely whilst adhering to guidance and that the daily limit is having massive economic impact on individuals and businesses. To date, as an equestrian community, we have managed to have coaching discussed in the Scottish Parliament twice but regrettably the First Minister remains reluctant to move away from the household limit. I would encourage everyone to continue to engage with your local MSP to support us in asking for this to be reviewed.


Secondly, we are currently working with the Olympic disciplines, sportscotland and the Scottish Government to get protocols approved for the resumption of equestrian competition in Scotland. We hope to be able to provide further update during the course of next week. 


Grant Turnbull




horsescotland now has guidance (see below) approved by Scottish Government via sportscotland for sporting activity resumption through Phase Two.  The exceptional work of BHS Scotland has also been successful in getting the use of covered arenas endorsed for use from 29th June - this is a great boost for many of our businesses and the economic benefits cannot be understated.

It is recognised that there are many anomalies, and some direct contradictions, arising from Government guidance, particularly between Return to Work and Extension to Exercise policy, both of which are very relevant to our professional coaches and riding centres.  I urge you to look specifically at your own personal or business circumstances, undertake the appropriate risk assessments, check with your insurance provider and, based on your findings, proceed in a way you believe to be correct.  The First Minister herself said last Thursday that the Government cannot provide guidance for everyone's individual circumstances.  I therefore encourage you to make your own decisions and take personal responsibility for doing what is right for you, your business and the safety of others.


Thank you






Here is the Phase One guidance document, which has been prepared following the First Minister's announcement of yesterday. This document identifies measures to be implemented as we move into Phase One of the road map.  


We hope that it assists you in making decisions and judgements which will be specific to your own personal or business circumstances. 


In developing this guidance, horsescotland has been working closely with Sportscotland and the Scottish Government on behalf of the equestrian sector.


Please share this guidance freely around your networks. 


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