Olivia Wilmot




Olivia Wilmot is an Eventing Rider on the #horsescotland Performance Programme.

Age/ DoB: 23/05/1984 (29) 

Occupation:  Full time athlete/ coach 

Discipline: Eventing 

Who is your sporting hero? Why?

There are a few people that I look up to: 

Mary King - When I was younger she was someone I wanted to be like. 

Ian Stark – He is great and I am now fortunate enough to be trained by him. 

Both Mary King and Ian Stark drove me into the sport, they made me think this is really what I wanted to do.  Sir Steve Redgrave – What he did was so impressive feat, the longevity of it, how can you be that good for that length of time, it is incredible. 

London Olympics rasied the profile of sport in Britain and now with the Commonwealth Games. 

Date started on performance squad? 

I was one of the original funded riders from 1998 (1999) and have received funding most years since then. 

Equestrian Ambition: 

Short term - Make it to the Senior European Championships that are being held at Blair in 2015. 

Long term – I want to win gold medals, make it to the Olympics.  I also want to compete at Badminton again. 

Where are you based?:  Jackton 

What have the benefits of being a member of the performance squad for you personally?

I always feel I have a support team, I never feel like I am out on my own.  Any problems that arise I know there is someone I can ask for advice. The support network available is wide ranging from coaches to vet support. I know I can call Fiona and get advice, this gives me huge peace of mind that this is in place if I need it. 

Olivia's Horses.

Name:  Cool Dancer 

Stable Name: Axil 

Owner:  Olivia  

Age:  13 

Sex:  Gelding 

Height: 17hh 

Colour: Grey 

Sire: Duca Di Busted 

Dam:  Artic Dancer 

Grade: Advanced/ **** level 


He is really cheeky and loves jumping and galloping, however he only does dressage as means to an end. He is very affectionate and a really nice horse. I have had him since he was 5 and have prodiced him to the level he is currently at. 

Name:  Zebedee de Foja  

Stable Name: Zebedee 

Owner:  Olivia  

Age:  10 

Sex:  Gelding 

Height: 16hh 1 

Colour: Grey 

Sire: Beau Harry 

Dam:  Narceja II De Foja 

Grade: Advanced/ *** level 


Zebedee is super cuddly and easy to handle but he is much sharper to ride.  He loves showing off and getting attention.  When he is around he always wants the attention on him.  He was imported from Portugal and I have had him since he was 3. He was wild when first arrived but I have worked hard with him to get where we currently are. 

Email: info@horsescotland.org

Phone: 07815962964

Address: Horsescotland

PO Box 8523  Prestwick

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