Lucinda Stewart is an international showjumping rider that is part of the development squad on horsescotland. This week we had the chance to catch up with Lucy and ask her the following questions!

1. Which horse on the international circuit catches your attention? why?

Hearts Destiny – I love this horse because it is careful, powerful and fast against the clock.

2. Name two qualities you look for in a horse and why?

Scope and Attitude – I think horses need to have a natural ability to jump big fences and they have to have a good attitude and want to do it for you. I am very lucky that my horses are naturally talented and love performing at shows.

3. What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending my free time with my horses, I especially love to take them to the beach for some fun as they enjoy that too. I also enjoy my time socialising with friends and family and get my rest from my busy schedule.

4. Your favourite equestrian brand?

My favourite equestrian brand is Olvossa, my friend has designed the brand herself and I really love the quality and style.

5. Who's your idol?

I find it difficult to choose one sporting hero as there are so many inspiring riders at top level for many different reasons. I follow show jumping of all different levels and watch how they produce their young horses to how they perform on their top-level

6. If you could do any other equestrian discipline what would it be and why?

Eventing...especially the cross country. I loved doing the cross country when I was in the pony club, also my mum was a great eventer so I would like to follow in her footsteps and give it a go one day.

7. What is the best piece of riding advice you have ever received?

Always maintain a good rhythm – John Leddingham! If I ever have an issue it is normally down to not having a good enough rhythm. Also, you don’t always pay for your mistake at the fence you make the mistake at, normally it is at the following fence. Everything I learn on a lesson on one horse, I always use on all my horses as even if they go in a different way the training methods can still work.

8. What has been the biggest takeaway from the HorseScotland training days in regards to;

(a) the importance of Physio?

I have learnt a huge amount about physio for myself from the HorseScotland Training days. It is amazing the difference my position in the saddle can be after just one session with Robyn. Videoing us with our lined jackets on really shows up what we need to work on and how this can affect the horse’s performance, so the rider physio is very important.

(b) the importance of Fitness?

I have been working on my own fitness due to being advised by Lauren at HorseScotland Training and it has really benefited me from a Physio point of view and in the Saddle too. The stronger I have become the better my position has become in the saddle and the straighter I am which helps my horse perform better.

(c) Education

I really enjoy the education we get being a HorseScotland Squad Member, I have learnt so much over my time on the squad about drug testing and anti- doping, saddle fitting and biomechanics, Team GBR and the World Class Programme along with many other things. We are extremely lucky to be able to meet very interesting and inspiring people who have provided presentations, videos, talks and give us the information that will benefit our future in the sport.

Recent Results

  • Royal Highland Show Classic Final Champion

  • 2019 Scottish Champions Tour League & Final Winner

  • 2019 Scottish Branch Amateur Champion 2019

  • SHOYS 1,10m Champion

  • SHOYS 1,20m Champion

Current Horses

  • Cancun II

  • Glow DK

  • Cascara

  • Jortel La Vie

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