Robyn Smith is an international dressage rider that is part of the performance squad on horsescotland. This week we had the chance to catch up with Robyn and ask her the following questions!

1. Which horse on the international circuit catches your attention? why?

Blue Horse Zack. Every time I see this horse he looks stronger and more impressive. As a

member of the European team for Denmark he is proving himself as a breeding stallion

and in competition at elite level.

2. Name two qualities you look for in a horse and why?

When I’m looking at horses for me it is not all about their movement, Firstly I look for thier

attitude, if they are trainable and enjoy what they are being asked to do. They can be the

most talented mover in the world but if they don’t want do it I believe they will never truly

‘make it’. Of course, in Dressage horses have to have correct paces, a good walk and canter

is a must!

3. What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I am currently launching my equestrian business Robyn Smith Dressage and

utilizing my degree in Sport and Exercise science. It’s all go on the yard with plenty of

young horses coming through so free time is a bit of a foreign concept to me at the

moment, when I do get a bit of spare time I’m usually watching a film or in the gym.

4. Your favourite equestrian brand?

So this one was tricky... there are so many brands around that I absolutely love and

would be lost without on my yard. For me personally it has to be Roeckl gloves are just that!

You will never find me riding in anything else! They have saved my bacon many times with

their wonderful grip and all you have to do is walk around the yard to see how many

wonderful varieties there are as I always have them strategically placed so I can grab a pair

whenever we need them.

5. Who's your idol?

Victoria Pendleton CBE, not only has she won multiple medals and Olympics, European

Championships and world games, she has a determination and drive that are utterly

inspiring. Her focus and her ability to turn her competitive nature to multiple sports is


6. If you could do any other equestrian discipline what would it be and why?

I would love to say I would do vaulting, they are wonderful athletes and so brave and agile

but I am definitely not flexible enough!

7. What is the best piece of riding advice you have ever received?

Work on your horse and he will improve, work on yourself and all of your horses will

improve... this is something I try to live by, which is why I take a holistic approach to my

riding, my horses training and our performance.

8. What has been the biggest takeaway from the HorseScotland training days in regards to;

(a) the importance of Physio? I am lucky enough to work with Robyn Dunn the

horseScotland Physio every week. I have set up a very pro-active approach to my physio

programme and would encourage all riders’ who are serious about improving to do the


(b) the importance of Fitness? Rider fitness is of the utmost importance to me, I work with

Lauren Semple 3 days a week to ensure I am in the best possible condition to help my

horses improve.

(c) Feedback from our training sessions has underlined the value of my home team and

home coach, without them I would not have achieved the quality results I have had this

year.They have enabled me to continue to be the most advanced performing dressage

rider in Scotland, including 5 championship wins this season at PSG and Inter 1.

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