Jenna Stead's January.

Updated: May 6, 2020

Jennifer Stead is an event rider on the horsescotland. This week we had Jenna send us her #FebruaryRecap

Our January HorseScotland training was, as always, very interesting and we came away with lots to work on with Hero and Odin.

We are busy at home preparing for our first event which will be Dalkeith with Hero and Odin running in the Intermediate and Novice and Luca running in the 100. I’m so looking forward to galloping round the cross country again! Mum is planning on taking her horse, Lipstick, for the 100 so fingers crossed the weather is kind and the event can run. I have been set the mission of getting mum back up to Novice on her horse.

At the end of January, my boyfriend and I drove 8 hours down to London where he was doing a job interview. He had a day of testing and questioning and I wandered around the city exploring the landmarks and visiting the Institution of Mechanical Engineers where my dad used to work, back in the day! A very big, ornate building, very interesting to see. It’s just around the corner from the Horse Guards Memorial where I saw a couple of Household Cavalry’s horses doing their duty, so patiently - I know mine would not stand still for that long!

We were back at Morris for more training in the beginning of February and we had a fantastic time. Both horses worked really well and worked hard. Both horses jumped some fantastic rounds - Odin is getting back into the swing of it and Hero really showed his bounce!

Jenna x

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