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Our second event of the season was Cholmondeley Castle with Odin and Hero both in the intermediate. It was a long weekend starting out on Saturday with Nadia, who rides Fly, in the 100 - they didn’t have a great day due to heavy rain creating very slippy ground. We returned on the following Tuesday for my 2 - both produced nice tests, Hero was a bit excited in his test adding some bucks! He show jumped well and went on to cross country. We got to fence 6, a combination with an upright gate with MIM clips at part C. Hero hit the fence and the clips failed, he managed to stay on his feet as I was thrown underneath him. He tried very hard to avoid me but caught me a couple of times, once just underneath my body protector which caused a lot of problems. Doctors were worried about internal damage and called the air ambulance, for some reason there was a lot of confusion but 2 hours later I was on the way to hospital by road to get checked out. We were there until midnight when I was finally let out. We made it home 4.5 hours later and I had a couple of weeks off to recover. I even used my new Cryochaps to ice my swollen wrist!

Next up was Aston with Hero in the Au25 and Odin in the intermediate - needless to say we withdrew from that! So the target was Burgham International at the end of the month where I had Hero in the 4*S and Odin in the 2*L. 2 days prep and we were on the way! Odin was on first and finished with a much improved dressage with the bigger atmosphere, a clear jumping cross country and a pole showjumping the following day. I managed to miss a gallop loop out on course which resulted in 25 penalties but he didn’t mind and I certainly won’t be doing that again!! Hero scored 38.9 in his dressage, delighted with his score as there were mistakes in the changes and it was blowing a gale, he went on to produce a double clear! We took it steady on cross country as I was very nervous after our fall - our time penalties pushed us out of a top 15 spot. This time it was my horses turn to benefit from the Cryochaps!

Hopefully Burgham has given me all the confidence I need to gallop around Richmond next and then we are back training with HorseScotland - very excited to be back again!

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