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Jennifer Stead December/January Blog! ☃ 🐴

December and January have been very quiet for me, too quiet! My horses had their scheduled winter holiday but due to the cold winter weather this was extended. I had some horses stuck in the field, and some stuck in their stable, unable to get in or out because of the steep, and very icy tracks on the new yard! We have had to learn what to expect in the hard winter at our new base. Next winter we will be much better prepared and the horses’ scheduled holiday will be in the worst of the weather!

On the few occasions I have managed to ride, I have been hacking way into the Scottish hills

and working in the arena.

In all this downtime I have been painting and drawing more, and have produced some original artwork too! I took a risk and bought some pastel pencils. They are very difficult to use and I have no training so didn’t know if the £100 I spent would be for nothing! I like using them and my art has been alright, I can be more exact with them than watercolour. At least I have something to do when we’re not competing!

I am very excited to get going again and go out competing. I am aiming for 5* with Hero, we

started eventing 5 years ago at the end of this season and to go 5* within that 5 years would be incredible!

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