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We are so excited to be back again. The new event season is planned out and we started with Aske with Odin in the novice and Hero in the intermediate.

We are lucky enough to only be a few hours away so we travelled early in the morning and set up.

Hero showed just how much his dressage has improved by performing a stunning test followed by a steady double clear.

Odin stayed very relaxed all day, a massive step forward for the the first event of the season, produced a nice test, a pole jumping and an easy clear cross country.

My 148 jumping pony, Fly, who I first owned around 10 years ago, has started eventing this season with a friend and produced a lovely double clear in her first 90 at Warwick Hall! A very emotional day watching her compete for the first time.

With what is left of 2020 we are aiming to have Odin stepping up to 3* and Hero on the way to achieving our 5* qualification.

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