Lucy's January Recap!

Lucy Stewart is a showjumping rider that is part of the development squad on horsescotland. This week we had Lucy sent us her #JanuaryRecap

My horses have had an extended winter holiday due to me recovering from shoulder stabilisation surgery.

I had a bad fall two years ago and one of my injuries was a dislocated shoulder, they told me

at the time it could dislocate again and we got it as strong as we could to support it but

unfortunately last year it started dislocating very easily and I was in a lot of pain with it so this meant my only option was surgery to fix it. Thankfully my surgery went very well and I am already feeling a huge improvement even though I am only just out of sling. We have a long way to go but with the help of our HorseScotland physio, Robyn Dunn, I am making great progress and will be back in the saddle very soon.

TopSpec Horse Feeds came out to my yard to weigh all my horses and check up on their feeding plans ahead of the season. I am very pleased that my horses are in great condition considering they have now been on holiday for 12 weeks, a couple of tweaks and changes to hopefully make even better improvements. It’s all about small changes to make big differences to the performance. I am very lucky to have worked closely with TopSpec for over 6 years now, making sure I am feeding my horses the best to help them perform at their best.

Our equine dentist, David Brown, was also out this month to give the horses a full check up making sure their mouths are in the best condition so the horses are able to eat properly to get the goodness out of their feeding. At our January HorseScotland Squad Training I was only able to attend on foot but I still learnt a huge amount from working with John and Erik on the ground seeing everything from a different perspective and understanding what is required, how to achieve it and what differences it can make to the performance. Robyn worked her magic on me and made a huge improvement to me to help my recovery.

We had a great talk from Dengie on travelling horses and what role feeding can play in

how the horses perform at a show. It was very interesting and good to be able to confirm I am doing a lot of things right already. I was delighted to receive two trophies at the British Showjumping Awards Ball, Cancun won the Silver League Trophy and Glow won the Amateur Trophy.

My horses are well rested and ready to get going now, hopefully we get the go ahead from the consultants to start riding very soon and we can start to work towards achieving our goals for this


Lucy x

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