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Lucy Stewart December Blog✨

So we have had a very quiet December with the horses due to there being no shows the horses have had a holiday.

We decided to spend one of the weekends getting all the show jumps in from the field and give them a good jet wash before putting them in the arena. We also got a few of them fixed and bought some floppy poles which I think will be a great addition to the set.

We kept to our Christmas Day tradition of a trip to the beach with the horses who loved it, great to blow the cobwebs away and something a bit different for them.

Over Christmas holidays with being able to spend more time on the yard so we gave the horses a small jump at home and done some small grid work with Joey. Unfortunately then the snow and ice came so everything came to a halt and horses are back on an extended winter holiday.

Due to the new lockdown restrictions we won’t be having any shows any time soon so will do all the horses no harm to chill out for a few extra weeks before a hopefully busy summer of shows.

Once the weather gets better we will being them all back into work and do some exercises at home which we have learnt from our HorseScotland team which will help us build muscle, get stronger and fitter, ready for competition.

Hopefully I will have more to update you on in my next blog. I hope everyone is able to stay safe and well during this next lockdown.

Lucy x

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