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Lucy Stewart January Blog✨

January has been another quiet month but our horses are looking in amazing condition at the moment after their extended winter holidays.
Due to the snow and ice, our horses didn’t do very much until we brought them back into work mid January. I am working full time during this lockdown so I am thankful that we got our lights up in the arena so I can ride at night when I get home.
The horses have come back feeling amazing. Cancun was definitely glad to be back in work and feels like he could conquer the world right now. Glow is wild, he is showing us some of his fancy footwork. Joey was extremely hyper to begin with as a typical baby would be but he has really settled down extremely well and very happy to be back in work. Cleo is great, enjoying still being on holiday.
HorseScotland training was online this month due to lockdown but I still had very good sessions with all the coaches and it was great to catchup with everyone. John and Erik were happy with my home training plans and my plans going forward. They gave me lots of tips and advice to put in to practice at home which will benefit us going forward. Robyn and Lauren were happy with my progress I made even though I haven’t done much fitness recently as I managed to better my fitness score. I am hoping the weather improves next month as it has been so cold over the last month. I am looking forward to spending more time in the saddle as we start to work with the horses to get them stronger and fitter using this time to work on our weaknesses so that when shows recommence we will be ready. Lucy x

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