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We have had a busy October with shows and making great progress with my full team of horses.

At the beginning of the month we took a trip to Aintree for the National Indoor Championships with Cancun for the National Silver League Final. Cancun jumped amazing and we finished 3rd, the top 3 places were all within a 10th of a second of each other so very close competition.

We went up to SNEC to jump the amateur 2nd rounds with Cancun and Glow. Both horses jumped brilliant with Cancun winning and Glow finished 3rd, both qualifying for the finals.

Morris 3 day Cat 2 show was a very busy one as I took all 4 horses. Joey came out to jump the discovery each day, achieving a great double clear on the Saturday and an unlucky 4 faults the other two days! It was great to have Cleo out jumping again after a long period off, she jumped the 1.05m each day to get her going, claiming a 4th on Friday. Glow jumped great over the three days in the 1.20m with two double clears giving him a 1st on Friday and a 2nd on Sunday. Cancun was stepped back up to 1.30m over the weekend but unfortunately no results with a couple of fences down.

The horses all enjoyed a physio session with Kathryn Prentice who keeps them all feeling as good as they can to jump their best.

Our last show of the month was at Muirmill, Cancun and Glow were 2nd and 3rd in the 1.10m and Glow won the 1.15m. It was a great sweetener for them after jumping some big tracks the previous weekend.

Unfortunately our HorseScotland training has had to be cancelled due to government guidelines for next month and I am currently unsure of the position for shows so November might be a quiet month for us.

Lucy x

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