Lucy Stewart’s February!

Updated: May 6, 2020

We have started to bring my horses back into work on the lunge until I am able to start riding again. My horses are full of energy and very excited to be back out again.

At HorseScotland Squad Training this month I was working with John and Erik from the ground learning lots from just being in their company. It was lovely to meet our new performance manager and we had a great group brain storming session with the squads and full team. I had brilliant physio sessions with Robyn both days and Lauren has given me exercises to get working on.

I finally got the news I was hoping for from my consultant, I am officially signed off and given the all clear to start ridingso it is all hands on deck now to get my horses and myself fit and ready for competition. My shoulder stabilisation surgery has been a success and thankfully I have noticed a huge difference already. I have a lot of work to do with our HorseScotland physio, Robyn Dunn, to get myself strong and fit again.

I have been in the gym over the last few weeks working hard on getting myself fit and building strength up in different parts of my body to specifically to help me when I am back in the saddle. Looking forward to improving this every week to continue the progress.

It is amazing to be back riding my horses again, I really missed it and I think they did too. Exciting times ahead, hopefully in my next blog I will have been to a couple of shows and be making good progress with building the horses strength and fitness.

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