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Olivia Wilmot December Blog/ New Year Update✨

December was a quiet month with the horses although it often is so not really too different from normal, just there was a lack of Santa and Christmas trips for the boys! It did however mean I could get some teaching as December can be quiet!

I had hoped to get the younger horses out a couple of times but that wasn’t to be. They continued their training at home and by Christmas time were very much in need of a break. Fortunately I managed to get a big field to turn them out in so they could go and have a proper holiday. I’ve always tried to do this at Christmas time as I think the horses (and myself!) definitely need a little bit of switch off time! They still get their TopSpec every day plus hay put in the field and are well rugged up.

Finn went home for his holidays. The 2 ‘old’ boys Zebedee and Filius who’s now 27, stayed in and continued to go on walker and got a little bit of exercise as I feel as they get older it’s important to keep them ticking along.

After Christmas I thought it’s never too early to start my own works out so I’ve been doing a few of Lauren’s online classes. Some I like, some I definitely don’t! Time can be a bit tricky sometimes but now I’m making it part of my routine it’s easier. Sometimes I have to do it while I’m watching Hamish and Hunter in the bath, they do like to tell me I’m not doing things properly and to go faster and do more!

At last the snow and ice has gone so can start to get horses for again and maybe hope there will be some events to aim for by April!

And now it’s back to home schooling, hopefully not for too long.

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