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There was a small glimpse of some sort of normality resuming and I was excited to get planning lots of shows and outing for the horses especially Polly, the new 4 year old I have. However that was very short lived!

I took my horses with me teaching one day so I could give them a jump round before I started as it was arena xc type fences. Finn and Rubin (the 6 year old my sister Ailie bred) were both very happy to be out! Polly was very well behaved on her first outing.

I’ve managed a couple of dressage training sessions with David Gatherer which I’ve really enjoyed as I’ve found it’s helped give me a clear focus for this time of year as I find it easy to not be a strict or disciplined when there are no competitions. We started to discuss possible plans for next year, tricky as the event calendar isn’t out yet!

I managed one BS show at Muirmill before we moved into tier 4! Polly had her first show with me and again was very well behaved, a few obvious baby moments but lots to look forward to now. Rubin started off a bit green and cheeky but improved in his second class, phew!

Finn was on great form and very very happy to be at a party! He jumped a really nice double clear in the 1.10m and just had a bit of an unlucky fence down in 1.20m.

With the constant changing of rules abs what’s allowed and now it’s been tricky to keep track of but I managed to get them all out for west Kype for another wee pop round. Polly has come on lots and I’m very much looking forward to being able to do more with her.

The horses have all enjoyed either a shiatsu massage or a visit from the physio, I like to get them checked every 6-8 weeks or so just to make sure.

I had my fitness test with lauren via zoom and good news I have improved from last time, phew!

John (my husband) has been trying to get me to join him with running so I’ve been doing a couple of bleep tests each week - no pain no gain!

I also have my review with the rest of the Horse Scotland panel Erik, John and Jen which I believe went ok! It was a shame our last training session had to be cancelled as I was very much looking forward to it especially as if looks like I was going to be able to take Rubin and Polly.

So let’s look forward to the next month and 2021 abs she what’s in store, this year is definitely one none of us will ever forget!

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