Olivia Wilmot’s February!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Another month has passed already, Harris is now 5 weeks old and it feels like he’s been here forever. I managed to start back riding on day 14, so slightly earlier than with the other 2. However I probably felt more wobbly in terms of my muscles (not my nerves!) particularly my tummy ones. I think now after 3 babies they have gone a little bit too relaxed so I’m going to have to do some work to get them back on track. I figured doing little but often was the way to do it. The first time I was on Zebedee I couldn’t even do one full circuit of the arena in trot, Zeb is far too bouncy, it felt like I was on Valegro!!! Walk and canter were much easier options. I started with 10 mins once a day, I didn’t want to over do it and make myself sore and have a set back. I feel it’s best to build up slowly and gradually and not over do it, which can be frustrating! I really need to listen to my body as I don’t want any setbacks. Every day I managed a bit more. Finn came back too do that gives me 2 to ride! I found Finn easier in trot as he’s not quite as bouncy. I’ve not attempted sitting trot yet..... To help myself and horses get back to it I’ve been setting up various pole exercises around the school so I can add some in poles as part of my flatwork but also as part of their lunging for the days I can’t ride. I’ve had to accept that just now until the mornings are lighter and weather is better I can’t ride every day so my aim at the moment is to ride 4 days a week minimum and hope to build up. The poles that I have set up include raised walk poles, raised trot poles, canter poles on a circle and just single poles at the 4 points of the circle which can be done in walk trot or canter. I’m trying to alternate between riding in my dressage and jumping saddles. It amazing how just a few weeks off and you lose some of your muscles! I’ve also been doing my 2 point position over poles some times just to build my core strength back up, I’m just desperate to ride the way I normally do but just now quite there yet and have a little bit of weight to lose too. I’m not into diets, I try to eat healthily but I’d say I have a balanced diet - as I have a bit of everything and I mean everything, chocolate! I had my first training session at Horse Scotland. I only took Finn for a flatwork session which was good and he really enjoyed being back out! I also saw Robyn the physio so have some exercises to get me back into it. I managed to get out of a fitness test this time but I did get weighed....here’s hoping I lose some weight every month. I’m sure a couple of lessons with Ian and I’ll lose at least a stone!

It’s a juggling act between horses and children and just life but we’re getting there. I also accept I can’t do it all...so I mean keeping the house clean and tidy isn’t my priority....if it was it’s safe to say nothing else would get done! The building work still hasn’t quite finished but we do now have heating in most of it. It’s only a few weeks now until the start of the eventing season, at the moment it feels hard to imagine with this weather but I guess before we know it this stormy weather will feel like a distant memory.

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