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The start of September was Richmond which should have been my 2nd event of the season but Covid stopped that - a boy in Hamishs class at school tested positive so that meant isolation! Fortunately Ian (Stark, who I train with) was going so I managed to persuade him to ride Finn (Goodbye to Money) for me so he could get a run. This was actually very beneficial as it gave him an idea of what Finn was like at an event. He did a 30 dressage and jumped double clear.

Since Richmond I managed a couple of training sessions with Ian which were really good (hard work for both Finn and myself!) Zebedee has been on good form since his full MOT. He went to Forgandenny for a wee spin round the open novice as there were no other events I could make it to. He had a great time and won.

I also rode Fiona Millers Edgar round the BE100 and he was 6th so a good weekend there.

And my last event of 2020 so very much looking onwards and upwards to 2021. This is the fewest events Ive ever done in a year, even the year ears Hamish and Hunter were born I managed more.

 Both Zebedee and Finn had very good training sessions with HS this month too. It was really good getting them back out. I wasnt too unfit for my fitness test I had but still some baby weight to lose! I am now an ambassador for Fomo body protection which is a new design of body protector and it had its first outing at Forgandenny - fortunately it proved to be lucky!

 Time for a short break then onto dressage, showjumping and training plans for next year!

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