Robyn Smith September Blog ⭐️

It has been a long year and one that I’m sure many of us would rather forget but I have to say my horses have been incredible in helping with these challenging times. With more time at home this year we were able to spend some invaluable time working with the young horses.  Our 3 year olds, Bear and Jerry came in to be backed and were absolute pro’s taking everything in their enormous strides before being turned away for the rest of the summer. Both boys will enjoy a few more weeks out and then it’s back to school for them before winter sets in. The 5 year olds have also been super and it has been lovely to get to spend some extra time on training across the disciplines without the pressure of any shows.  As always, my stallion Frank wins the most improved badge as he is set to make his debut at inter 2 in the upcoming weeks so we are keeping everything crossed he can put his new moves into practice! For now it is a lot of hard work and long days as the restrictions return but I’m hoping next month I will have some very exciting news to share with you all!  As always, if anyone is interested in lessons with myself then please feel free to get in touch either via my website: or my social media ✨

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