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Rob O'Neill
IT, Communication & Marketing Director

Rob has a passion for developing the Scottish equestrian sector and his business skill set (Group Director – Business development) fits well with the requirements for the position of IT, Communication and Marketing Director.

Rob has been actively involved in equestrian sport for many years, supporting his daughters’ progression through pony club, riding club, showing, dressage, and into showjumping. He is actively involved with various BS events in the northeast of Scotland and throughout the UK, including volunteering/working at local BS and BD events.

Having experienced first hand the challenges faced regarding lack of facilities, infrastructure, and support personnel, Rob is determined to help provide access to equestrian sports for everyone. Through supporting building or developing the required infrastructure, and encouraging others to support in any way they can, he hopes to further enhance the opportunities available to people, especially in the North East.

As well as supporting grassroots development, Rob is also keen to see more encouragement, providing access to professional support for promising athletes, allowing those who perhaps would not otherwise receive it, access to the best facilities and coaches to develop world class Scottish equestrians for the future.

Rob’s business skills will hopefully allow him to further develop and enhance the excellent work already undertaken by horsescotland within their IT, Communications and Marketing strategies.

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