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Benefits of being on the Performance Squad

Members of the horsescotland Performance Programme enjoy many different benefits:

Flat Work Training

Flatwork training is arguably the most important part in training a horse to respond. It is where the horse will learn to perform under the saddle the same actions they do when free in the field, only now they need to learn to do everything in the order their rider commands.

Flatwork teaches horses obedience, balance, quicker reaction time to riders prompts as well as to stay calm and collect.

For the riders this improves their seat, coordination and feel and will improve the relationship with their horse.


The Performance Programme Flatwork training sessions are taken by Harry Payne and are for all riders regardless of discipline.

Jump Training

The Performance Programme Jump training sessions are taken by John Ledingham. They cover the basic principles of jumping, including Measuring Distances and Take Off Points.


These sessions are utilised by both Showjumpers and Eventers.

Video Analysis

During the Flatwork and Jump training sessions the Performance Programme members also have the use of Video Analysis software. This equipment allows slow motion replays of what the rider has been working on with the coach to make sure the rider has a full understanding of what they are doing well and where improvements can be made.


We also have the ability to mark up the riders and horses positions to check levels and movement. This is hugely beneficial, especially for riders coming back from an injury.

Business Support

Athletes receive training in running their own business to support them in their careers, including media training.

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