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Volunteers in equestrian activities are vital to the successful and smooth running of all events that are staged, and as such it is essential that we make all volunteers welcome and provide them with as much appropriate information, training and education as we can.

Without volunteers our sport would be impossible to run as the ratio of competitors to volunteers at one day events is not far off one to one. 

Volunteers in equestrianism are of all age groups and at some point in their lives they will have been actively involved with horses in one way or another.  Pony Club parents, and grandparents, those that have ridden in their youth account for a significant proportion of those involved in our sports and are those most likely to offer their time.

It is imperative that we encourage young volunteers and ensure that they are welcomed, supported and given training at all stages of their time within the sport. Recognition of the skills gained and the commitment shown must be rewarded. Skills gained by being a volunteer, are useful additions to any young person’s CV, showing commitment and focus to help others capable of working in a team.

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volunteer policy

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