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You are required to find a mentor to provide guidance and support in the completion of the logbook/portfolio. The mentor thereafter signs off the portfolio as being of a suitable standard. Your mentor should be agreed with your Course Leader at the start of the Learning Programme. The mentor should be someone who is willing to support you by helping and guiding you through the learning process up to and including assessment.

Their responsibilities at all Levels includes:

  • providing their full contact details

  • providing details of their qualifications and experience

  • agreeing to accept responsibility for signing off their candidate

  • providing comments on the candidate's suitability as a coach and any coaching sessions they may have observed

Level 2 specific responsibility:

  • agreeing to attend 2 out of the 4 of the coaching sessions (ideally the first and last coaching session)

Level 3 specific responsibility:

  • agreeing to observe 4 of the coaching sessions (at Level 3, this may take place in person or by video observation etc.)

The mentor must be an experienced coach, working at a level higher than the level you are working towards, e.g. a BHS instructor, a Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) (formerly Equestrian Federation of Ireland (EFI)) coach or a horsescotland coach.

The mentor must not be another candidate on the same course as you but could be a tutor on your course.

The mentor must have public liability insurance, e.g. the insurance that horsescotland has arranged through Windsor (available whether or not the mentor is a member of horsescotland but only available to those with a qualification at UKCC Level 2 or above), which provides cover for coaches, coach educators/assessors whilst training/assessing coaches and would therefore apply if an accident were to occur while they were assessing or mentoring you as part of a UKCC qualification.

Alternative comparable public liability insurance cover would also be acceptable.

The mentor may be paid or unpaid and this will be agreed between you and the mentor.

The mentor should not be a close family member/friend who might be unable to be objective when offering feedback to you.

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