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10 Quick Fire Questions with - GRAHAM BABES

Which horse on the international circuit catches your attention? why?

Explosion W, because he is an incredible winner.

Name two qualities you look for in a horse and why?

They have to be fast and careful to win a lot.

What do you do in your free time?


What is your favourite equestrian brand?


Who is your idol?

Scott Brash

If you could do any other discipline what would it be and why?

Horse Reining because it looks fun.

What is the best piece you have ever received?

Too many to mention

What has been the biggest takeaway from the horsescotland training days in regards to:

(a) The importance of Physio?

Know how important it is to keep your own and your horses muscles correct to maintain a lasting career.

(b) The importance of Fitness?

To minimise mistakes as much as possible.

(c) The education provided as part of the Programme?

Keeps you from developing bad habits and gives you knowledge experience so you keep learning.

Graham Babes

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