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Anneliese Aitken’s February!

Updated: May 6, 2020

The team and I continued our preparation for Spain by attending another couple of fantastic days of Horse Scotland training at Morris Equestrian Centre. The training was extremely beneficial as John helped us with some complex jumping lines. We jumped triple bars off the corner and practiced some turn-backs. All of the horses were jumping great and I’m very excited to take them abroad.

Eric ensured that all of the horses were moving correctly and balanced on the flat. Improving our straightness definitely helps when you’re in the ring. My 7yo Indie has really been reaping the benefits of these lessons with Eric on the flat and I’m delighted to feel and see such a huge difference in her.

Robyn at Physio and Lauren at Fitness not only see me on the training days but also give me useful exercises to do for when I’m away competing to make sure that I’m fit and healthy.Our own health and fitness is just as important as the horses because a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Jumping 15+ fences in humid conditions is mentally and physically draining for both the horse and rider.

Early morning on the 12th of February saw us embark on our 4 day journey to our first competition destination in Valenica. Our trip saw us take the ferry from Dover to Calais with two overnight stops before we finally arrived in Valencia. Cavalor electrolytes, which I get through Prima Equine are an essential part to keeping the horses hydrated whilst they travel and become accustomed to their new climate.

The horses had a few days to rest before competing started. The highlight of the tour was Eagele Z coming 2nd in the 1.35m Grand Prix and 7yo Indie coming 2nd in the 1.25m Grand Prix. All of our hard work at home and at the Horse Scotland training sessions definitely paid off and I couldn’t of been happier with the horses.

We now move just down the road to Oliva Nova for 3 weeks of jumping. We are very lucky at Oliva Nova to be able to take the horses along the beach to help them relax and unwind.

A little progress everyday builds up to big results.

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