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Jo Barry’s start of 2020!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Initially when I saw the Winter Regionals were at the start of February I was filled with dread - it's been the end of February for a number of years. January weather tends not to be great & usually means work is intermittent so Regional prep is difficult. Thankfully this year January was actually a good month & it was February that has had the horrible weather!

January had a trip down to Carl's, which as ever was super & rejuvenated me for the season ahead.

Both Humphrey & Goofy had a competition outing & made a good start to their point collecting for Summer Regional qualification.

The Winter Regionals were a mixed bag of results...Humphrey gave me a super ride in the Medium Gold to win with an excellent mark & get direct qualification for Hartpury. He was a bit nervous in the Freestyle but still produced a good test to gain a credible 2nd & was awarded a wildcard for that Championship.

Goofy reminded me that horses are horses & have 'off days' too. The first day was uncharacteristic for him & it did take me by surprise. In the first test he made a good attempt at ejecting me - thankfully he failed! He then proceeded to sulk in the second test, the PSG...both tests resulted in 2nd placings. Luckily for us both he put his good head on the second day & won the Advanced Medium Freestyle & got direct qualification for Hartpury.

After the Regionals Humphrey was delivered down to Gloucestershire to have some flying changes work. I was struggling with his size & power in the teaching of these & decided not be proud & 'brave it out' & to get help. I will get him home in a few weeks & am pleased to say that reports so far are good!

Darcy (5yo half sister to Humphrey, by San Amour) took advantage of the March HorseScotland training to help her gain confidence of working away from home. It's a step by step process but when I took her to training with Paul Hayler a week later she was definitely braver & happier about showing off!

Through HorseScotland's advice I have started to have sessions with a Personal Trainer in Glasgow to help with my balance while doing traverse movements & also aid my coordination & strength....all of which are the remnants of my accident 5yrs ago.

At the HorseScotland Awards in early March I was thrilled to see Lady Hope, my long-time owner & supporter recieve the 'Owner of the Year'. Our relationship spans 15yrs now & I hope will continue for many more. It was lovely to see my friend Jonty Evans, who was the guest speaker for the night. He & I share a similar experience & it was lovely to inspire him in seeing my recovery which is 2.5yrs ahead of his.

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